Easter Sunrise

It was cold out there but a beautiful sunrise….. I’m sorry folks. The original video was here recorded outside was here, but I deleted it of my phone in error and that deleted the feed everywhere. But the sun did rise! And Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen Indeed.  And here is a version from … More Easter Sunrise

Easter Sunday

SUNRISE GATHERING at 6:45am Sunday Morning. Bring a coffee to your computer (or watch later!). Take your phone to a window, balcony or front step. First light is around 6am but it’s hard to record in the dark, so we’ll aim for a little after sunrise. Hear the Easter story early in the morning. AN … More Easter Sunday

Worship March 22 Lent 4

<div id=”fb-root”>   <script async defer crossorigin=”anonymous” src=”https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v6.0″&gt; Here are the words: Together Apart #1 | Lent 4 | Psalm 23 | March 22, 2020 Candle-lighting Our candle is lit. Perhaps yours is too. Take a moment to look at the candle. Breath. “Our heart an altar and your love the flame.” Invitation to Worship … More Worship March 22 Lent 4

Seniors and Child Care Centre Love and Learn Together Project

Seniors and Child Care Centre Love and Learn Together Project BACKGROUND We know loneliness and social isolation as an epidemic in our culture. Children often live far from their grandparents. We are aware of limited opportunities for all ages to interact. At the same time, there is also a growing trend to be intentional about … More Seniors and Child Care Centre Love and Learn Together Project

The Longest Night

Our Longest Night service is Saturday, December 21 at 6:30pm. A quiet service of music and readings for those who need to rest their hearts in the midst of the season. We also light candles for those who have died in our community of faith and those we hold in our heart. Presiding: Rev. Janice … More The Longest Night