Who We Are

“As a spiritual community and as followers of Jesus, we aspire to serve, teach and proclaim God’s word in our living, to be wise and faithful stewards of creation and to be in unity and fellowship with all people.”


DSC_0088MINISTER: Rev. Janice MacLean is a Presbytery Appointed minister serving with us as we continue our Joint Needs Assessment and Search for a new minister. She brings experience from pastoral ministry early in her ministry life, and also from years volunteering with the Iona Community in Scotland, and in Israel. She served Maritime Conference as Minister for Christian Nurture & Enrichment. Rev. Janice works with us part-time. Her other ministry is with The Prayer Bench, an online ministry providing spiritual resources for those within and beyond traditional church structures. You are welcome to contact Rev. Janice through the church or by calling in 506 364 7335.

MUSIC DIRECTOR: Janice Cooke arrives early on Sunday and gets ready for the Choir Members who come at 10:15. You are welcome in the Choir.



SECRETARY:  Alice Harrison serves in our Church Office two days a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, usually mornings. You can call — 506 386 3277 — and leave a message. You can be sure she will get back to you. Or send an Email and she will attend to it.