Who We Are

“As a spiritual community and as followers of Jesus, we aspire to serve, teach and proclaim God’s word in our living,to be wise anfaithful stewards of creation and to be in unity and fellowship with all people.”

Trinity United Chuch

In other words … We are a small congregation, but we sit together up front (almost) on Sundays. We do our best to welcome people and make sure all are welcome. We care about our church family. We enjoy a good sermon as part of “ordinary worship” but we also appreciate doing something new, especially if it involves Trinity youth. We are blessed to have children and youth involved in Sunday School, our youth group called BLAST, and taking an active role in leadership. We are not perfect, yet we are faithfully “church” and, week after week, we rise to the challenges of our day.


IMG_0381MINISTER: Rev. Janice MacLean serves as minister at Trinity United. She brings experience from pastoral ministry early in her ministry life, and also from years volunteering with the Iona Community in Scotland, and in Israel. She also served Maritime Conference as Minister for Christian Nurture & Enrichment. Rev. Janice work with us half-time. Her other work is with The Prayer Bench, an online ministry providing resources for deepening spirituality.

Rev. Janice writes, “I was born in Cape Breton and my mother is fond of saying how I loved to “play church” when I was 8 years old. Through the generosity of the ministers in the Presbytery, I was preaching before I was old enough to drive.

I went to Mount Allison and Queen’s Theological College. I discovered a love for educational ministry and returned to school for a degree in Adult Education. A sojourn in Iona, Scotland and in Israel deepened my spirituality, and recent years have set me on a wisdom way of being.

I am delighted to return to pastoral ministry and so grateful for a call to serve at Trinity.

You are welcome to contact Rev. Janice through the church office or by calling  506 364 7335. Email Rev. Janice 

MUSIC DIRECTOR: Sandra Alward, born and raised in Moncton, NB. She left Moncton in IMG_31451976 and returned in 2009.  Sandra writes: “When I think back to my mother having me memorize an adult song to sing as a solo at the age of 5, I knew how committed she was to having her 6 children take music  lessons. Music was the centre of my home. I was always studying/practising for an occasion.  It was a satisfying part of my existence.  I noticed that whether I was playing in our neighbourhood, at school, church, nursing homes, etc. that music caused people to smile and gave them pleasure.”

“Early in my career whether creating or choosing music for radio/tv commercials, fashion shows, etc. it was the highlight of my job (Advertising Manager for JD Creaghan’s)  I left Moncton to travel internationally for Stonecroft Ministries, which provided venues to perform with other musicians, as well. Wherever I have travelled, music has been the extension of my being.”

“Upon returning to Moncton in ’09 I’ve been given the opportunity to continue sharing my love of music in countless venues  The excitement, satisfaction and fulfillment music provides in sharing with others is rewarding.  Music is my universal language that satisfies my soul.  As a friend posted on Facebook re singing at Covenanting service, “Love seeing you doing what you love”.

“A God given gift has become my passion. It is a privilege to be asked to be music director/organist at Trinity United.  I look forward to creating harmony with those who want to create  a song from their hearts.”

SECRETARY:  Brittany Streatch works 4 hours per week, mostly from home. You can call — 506 386 3277 — and leave a message. You can be sure she will get back to you. Click here to send an email to the office.  Office email .

live and learn

We share space with the Love and Learn Child Care Centre. Emily, the Director of the Centre says:

“We are a non-profit daycare, designated by the Province of New Brunswick and licensed for children ages 2-12.  Our energetic staff are passionate about working with children and strive to give each child a fun, positive and educational experience everyday.  We are open 7am-6pm, and healthy snacks and a full lunch  are provided each day, from our chef approved menu.”
PHONE: 506-386-3149   |   EMAIL: Love and Learn