All About Remits

What is a Remit?

A remit is a vote that gives permission to change the Basis of Union. When the United Church of Canada wants to make a change to the Basis of Union (the church constitution) they must consult the wider church.

Eight remits were approved by the 42nd General Council 2015 held in Newfoundland
in 2015.

Five of the Remits are voted on by Pastoral Charges and Presbytery (substantive changes that affect who we are as a denomination.) Three are voted on by Presbytery (they are significant but not denomination-shaping.)

It is important that the governing body (for us, the Official Board) of every pastoral charge cast a vote on all applicable remits. An absolute majority is needed for the remits to pass, not just a majority of those that vote. If passed by an absolute majority, each remit will go to the 43rd General Council 2018 for approval. If a governing body of a pastoral charge or presbytery does not vote, that is considered a vote AGAINST the remit question.

Here is our plan for studying the Remits at Trinity United Church:

  1. On four Sundays between now and the end of January we will have a bulletin insert giving a brief introduction to the first four remits. Print copies of the Study Guide will be available for further study. (Remit 1 was already in the bulletin Oct. 16. Please see the table outside the office for copies of the insert.)
  2. In February, we will have a potluck lunch and time for questions and discussion. this is open to any and all who are interested.
  3. In April or May, at a duly called meeting of the Official Board, the Official Board members will vote on Remits (Remit 5 requires further study and the deadline for it is February 2018.)

Here is a link to the Remits page. You can read the Study Guides, watch videos and recordings of webinars.  The Remits 


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