The Longest Night Service

Friday, December 21st at 6:30 

There are times in the Christmas season when we feel not-so-merry.

We gather in this quiet service to lean into the strength of who we are together, seeking comfort and courage. 

You might come because you grieve the state of our planet, all the pain born of poverty and inequity.

You might come because you lament the terror of war and the struggles born of abuses of power and powerlessness.

Perhaps your hearts is broken open by the losses of those we love, the loss of health, identity or relationship.

Come and light a candle or offer a silent prayer.

We come to kindle a flame of hope among us. We bring everyone into this circle: our hearts full of love and loss; our full selves, just as we are whether merry, or not-so-merry. We lean in and be welcomed into this circle of light and support.

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