December 30: Your Star Gift Word

Star Words

Yes. WORDS. Not Star Wars!

On this first Sunday in the season of Christmas, we will worship at 11am. We will welcome the growing Light and we will receive the gift of  our Star Word.

The Magi travelled in response to a gift they were given. The wild star guide their path to Bethlehem and brought them to a manger. Never would they have expected this destination. Never would they have expected to worship a tiny Child.

During the service you choose a star. It will have a word on it. This is your Star Gift Word for 2019. It is a simple gift that may take on deep meaning as you wonder about your word and ponder its meaning.

Will your word surprise you?
Will your word become your prayer?
Will you word offer you guidance in 2019 or support your spiritual journey
in surprising ways?

star wordsWe get our words on December 30th — just in time for the New Year.

But if you aren’t able to be in church, you can still get your Star Gift Word. We’ll message you your word from our Facebook Page or we’ll send you an email.







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