Coming to Easter Worship

It is a long way from Palm Sunday (April 14) to Easter Sunday (April 21). Yes, that is seven days, the same distance between any two Sunday worship services.

But a lot happens. Holy Week. Click Here for information on our Holy Week Services: Maundy Thursday & Good Friday.

During Holy Week, we are not just commemorating past events. We are walking a bridge that invites us to look at our life and see what we need to let go and what we cherish and hold dearly.

This is what Easter is. It is the opportunity to grow new life. This is what we will celebrate on Easter Sunday.

This takes hope.
This takes practice.
This takes support.

And this is what we will celebrate in hallelujahs, in song, in word, in communion and in fellowship on Easter Sunday at 11am.

So, let’s practice for Easter during Holy Week! And when we arrive – O happy the Easter Day.

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