Seniors and Child Care Centre Love and Learn Together Project

Seniors and Child Care Centre Love and Learn Together Project


We know loneliness and social isolation as an epidemic in our culture. Children often live far from their grandparents. We are aware of limited opportunities for all ages to interact. At the same time, there is also a growing trend to be intentional about creating “non-familial intergenerational interactions” to bring generations together.


We have seniors in our church and surrounding community, and a Child Care Centre in our church building. What about a project that brings together these generations to build relationships, learn, play, and participate together in shared programs and activities to benefit body, mind and spirit?


The United Church of Canada Foundation supported our project application with a grant of $2100. to help cover the cost of program supplies and materials, publicity, and expenses/honoraria for guests.


To establish a Community Seniors Group (ages 60+) who will be excited to spend time, energy, intelligence and love with the children in the Child Care Centre after school program.

To design a monthly program of life-affirming interactions nurturing mind, body and spirit where  seniors and children will spend 90 minutes together learning, playing, and building relationship.

    • Some programs will welcome guests from the community to engage all ages (Mad Scientist, musicians, drummers, authors and poets.)
    • Some programs will invite participants to share and learn skills from each others (knitting, playing cards, making fudge, perhaps enjoying a fancy tea party.)


Now! The leadership team is forming. We will host group gatherings for Seniors in March and April. The first program for seniors and children together is in May. The programs will continue until December 2020. This is a trial project with a clear beginning and end.


  1. Spread the word. All seniors in the community are welcome to come.
  2. Volunteer to help on the Leadership Team; we need program planners, snack-makers, phone-callers, and  maybe drivers for senior neighbours.
  3. We need ideas. Do you know musicians, artists, poets, pottery-makers, craft people, story-tellers or other interesting people who can come to an afternoon program and engage seniors and children in an activity?
  4. Financial donations, if you are able. This is a cost shared grant. We need to raise some funds to support the project. Charitable donations may be marked “Seniors & Children Project.”
  5. Pray for this new ministry.

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