Weekly Round Up March 28, 2020

Here is a round-up of announcements from the past week. The photo is courtesy of Janice and Nara Cooke and is the window scene they painted this week.

Gathering Sunday, March 29
Rev. Janice will use Facebook Live at 11am Sunday as a way for us to gather. You can get ready by having a candle to light, wearing something purple for Lent, and bringing a frog. Yes. FROG. If you have a frog stuffie, or can draw one, or even have a real frog, bring it to our gathering. And if you don’t get on at 11am, the video will be there for you to use at any time and also on our website.“See” you tomorrow. “Ribbit.”

Church Cleaning IMG_0661
Gary and Liz have been busy doing a “big clean” of the church building and checking it top to bottom regularly.

Grocery gift cards available to those with need.
We received a donation to make available $50 grocery gift cardsto anyone in our church family who is laid off and needing a bit of assistance until the government programs begin. Please contact myself – Email or phone 506 364 7335 or Jane at Email or 386-6329.

Story for All Ages

Rev. Janice will share a Story for All Ages on Tuesday, March 31 at 7pm on Facebook Live and it will be posted on Facebook and this website shortly after 7pm. Enjoy.

Executive and Council Meetings

The Executive will meet Wednesday, April 1 to receive a budget and review the current information provided by the Region and the Church. The Council will also meet soon. We are learning to meet on Zoom, an online platform.

A Letter about “Taking Up the Offering” 


These are challenging days. We want to update you on our financial story. We ask your help in “taking up the offering” while worship in the building is suspended.

We are grateful that a large percentage of givers are on PAR and we continue to receive givings this way.

We are grateful that some payments, including assessments to the church, have been suspended for the time being.

We are grateful that The United Church of Canada is responding to this crisis and providing advice and support through the Region and General Council Office. While we do not have many specifics we can anticipate announcements about denominational loans, regional programs, and how government programs can support communities of faith.

Much has shifted that affect our revenue stream. We are not gathering for worship so income from the offering plate is not flowing. We are not providing gift cards to our sister churches and that income is suspended.

You will be aware that the Daycare is closed. The staff, except for the Director, have been laid off. We are grateful the Board plans to make some of their rental payment but not the full amount. We are in conversation with the Board and they hope to remind fluid so they can begin again when the time is right and, obviously, we want to be there with the space for them to rent. We will work together to support one another.

We also want to acknowledge that some may have lost jobs or are supporting family whose circumstances are changed. This may affect us too.

We have several options to “take up the offering.”

Mail your Offering

You may mail your offering directly to Becky once a month. For the safety of all, please do not lick your stamp, and if you are able, combine your gift into one monthly envelope. Here is Becky’s address: Becky Mellish,  Email or call for mailing address.

Donate Safely Online

We now have capacity to donate online through Canada Helps. This is the recommended site by The United Church of Canada and we’ve personalized it and tested it. If this method is comfortable for you, we strongly encourage this way of giving.  You can access the site here: Canada Helps  and there is now a Donate button on the home page of this website.

Give by Pre-Authorize Remittance (PAR)

If you would like to go on PAR, please be in touch with Becky and she will email a form to you. If you are on PAR and would like to increase or decrease your PAR amount, please be in touch with Becky. 

Friends, things are very fluid and we are learning about new programs almost every week. We are not alone. The Region is sending information regularly. We will explore what will work for Trinity. Your Executive will meet April 1 (online) to receive an updated budget to see where our gaps are and what resources will work for us. We will make recommendations to the full Council also meeting online soon. We will keep you in the loop.

Right now we are focussing on “how to take up the offering” over the next while. We invite you to respond as you are able.

This is a time of uncertainty. Let us be brave and strong. God is with us now and always.

With love and caring,  Rev Janice, Jane and Becky.




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