Communion on Sunday, July 12

We celebrate Communion during our gathering on Facebook Live tomorrow (July 12) at 11am. Video later on this website.

All are welcome. Bring a little bread/cracker or water/juice. Decorate your kitchen table plainly or with other symbols meaningful to you.

Youth should come with devices so they can text during worship. (Yes, really!) – Rev. Janice

2 thoughts on “Communion on Sunday, July 12

  1. New browser prevented the audio. I watched the service. After restarting the computer everything worked. I had communion and used my I phone, and will send a labor day picture. It is always good to be with you; that was a very unique communion service. I felt it reaching a new depth of spirituality, the elements and routine were the same but the spirituality was very comforting. I sensed a renewal. Thank you frank


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