Prayer Practice #1

Prayer Practice #1

We are entering a fall like no other in our life-time. We are dwelling in pandemic space and that puts an extra layer of concern and anxiety in our days. 

For the next four weeks I’ll send you a simple prayer practice for such a time as this. I hope it will be a support to you, and to us as a community of faith, as we each face into the normal that isn’t normal and hep us with the fears we may carry. 

We often say that God is nearer to us than our hands and feet and closer to us than our very breathing. So our prayer practice for this week is a BREATH PRAYER. 

  1. Pause. All you need is a moment. 
  2. Take a deep breath. Exhale an even deeper breath. 
  3. Breath in the gift you most need: (decide what you need most today: peace, calm, strength, endurance, patience, healing, hope, other?)
  4. Breath out a gift for others: (decide what prayer to offer your family, a friend, your church, a neighbour, someone in the newspaper, other. It might be hope, love, calm, rest, faith, strength, excitement, energy, other?) 
  5. Repeat … Breathe in calm | Breathe out hope (or whatever words you choose.) 

Use your breath prayer whenever you get a chance. Paying attention to our breath settles us and allows us to accept the gift God is offering us, and offer a gift to another. 

Let’s pray for one another as we live into our new normal. 

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