Supporting Karing Kitchen

The Karing Kitchen is a registered charity operating a soup kitchen in the basement of St. John’s United Church. For more than 36 years, they have provided hot meals to those who might not otherwise have one.

Karing Kitchen is supported with funding from a variety of sources and by a team of volunteers who take turns helping out.

“We strive each day to provide a tasty, nutritious meal to our clients. When many hear “Soup Kitchen,” they think soup. We focus on “more than just soup” and provide a hot meal.” (Karing Kitchen)

Linda MacDonald, a member from Trinity, volunteers one day a week with Karing Kitchen. With the pandemic, clients are now served take out style. I asked her for pictures to give us a sense of the place.

This is Patty Arsenault (cook) and Bruce Lawson (manager).  There was just 3 volunteers today to get ready and do the takeout. 87 meals today. Hope you can see today they had rice, spareribs, fresh green beans, white/whole wheat rolls, spring mix salad.  They also had dessert (cookies) today and milk cartons. 

We want to support this work as a Trinity Lent Project. Council approved a “Drive Through Drop Off” at the church on Sunday, February 14 from 2-4pm. Because we are in RED, please wear a mask and we will make this a contactless drive through. Put you item(s) in the back seat or trunk and one of the team of three people meeting you outdoors will pick it up. You will also receive your Lent at home Kit.

We can show a little Love by offering a gift of any of these things on their “wish list.”

Items suggested:
Corn starch
Penne noodles
Mild garlic sauce
Minute rice
Worcestershire sauce
Alfredo sauce
Large or Medium sized freezer bags
Chilli powder
Plastic spoons and forks

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