Ash Wednesday All Ages Online

In this time of isolation, we really need to remember that we journey as a community, even if we are apart. We walk our Lent path together even if we can’t be in the same space. We start of on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17 with an Online Gathering. It is part worship, part experiment, and a pause for prayer as we enter Lent 2021.

We will be on Facebook Live at 7pm. The video will be on the website later in the evening.

Get ready for Ash Wednesday by preparing a small bowl of ashes. You might have ashes from a fireplace or can safely burn a piece of paper. You can make “spice ashes” with cinnamon and cloves. You can even use a little oil. You’ll need just enough to trace the sign of the cross on the back of your hand.

You might also want to have a candle you can light. You’ll need a candle if you want to try to roast a marshmallow for our story. So marshmallows (who eats one?) and a skewer or fork to hold over the flame.

Here is a video from 2020 where our Moderator Richard Bott talks about the meaning of Ash Wednesday. It has such meaning for us this year. We are people who “live hope” and “celebrate hope each day.”

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