2016 Building Improvements

The congregation of Trinity United Church met May 29, 2016 to receive 2016 Building Improvements Expenses recommended by Stewards’ and Trustee Committees 

After discussion, motions were made and carried approving the following projects.

Installation of Basement Floor     $11,200.00 
Love and Learn Childcare Contributing half of cost.

Painting of Interior Basement Walls  $4,000.00
(Excludes Stage area – painting at a later date)
Love and Learn Childcare Contributing half of cost.

Installation of Parking Lot Drainage   $4,200.00

 Paving of Lower End of Parking Lot     $6,000.00 Maximum

Canada Post Mailing – 3,000 Flyers    $562.00 + Photocopying
Direct mailing from Pine Glen to White Birch sharing info on Fall Events and highlighting the work of the congregation.      

It was noted that there is $10,000 in the 2016 Budget for Building Improvements and money in the operating balance. We will re-visit the possibility of a fund-raising project in the fall.

These are not the official minutes of the Meeting. They will be recorded in the Minute Book and available when approved.

For further information, please contact Scott Pickles or Hugh Keddy.


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