The Adventures of Travelling Jesus

Have you coloured your Travelling Jesus yet?

FullSizeRender.jpgMy Travelling Jesus is leaning on my bookshelf waiting for an exciting adventure.

Here is an invitation: When travelling, take Travelling Jesus with you. He loves an adventure.

Take a picture of you and your Travelling Jesus when you are at the beach or the golf course, when you are visiting a new place or having fun with your relatives. Make sure you ask permission of everyone in your photo.

If you are on Facebook, you can post your picture to the site:

Or you can email it to the Church Office. and we’ll put it on the bulletin board.

Or bring it to church and put it on the bulletin board yourself.

Stay connected this summer with your church community.

We’ll have more Travelling Jesus’ ready to hand out on Sunday.

Travelling Jesus is always with us.  



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