Christmas Party

Saturday, Dec. 21 at 3pm. Let’s get together as a community of faith. We will get ready for our Sunday worship with a quick reading and music rehearsal then have fun together. Please bring a small plate of Christmas goodies to share.  

The Giving Board

Time, Talent & Treasure  The Sunday School, BLAST Youth Program, and a Confirmation Group are about to begin. How wonderful it is we have this abundance of youth activity. The Sunday School will begin their Incredible Journey on Sunday. Read about the theme for the year in this post.  You’ll find a request for used … More The Giving Board

Birthday Sunday

God, we thank you for each of your beloved ones. Thank you for the gift of life. Sunday, January 13 is birthday Sunday.  Some love birthdays! Some allow them to pass with little fanfare. Some of us gulp with the passing years. Some can’t wait and count the days! On Sunday, we join the Sunday … More Birthday Sunday

Gifts with Vision

On the first Sunday in Advent, the Sunday we remember Hope, we received a paper bag to collect our “extra” Advent offering. We put our money together for Gifts for Vision. We raised $337.40. Here are the projects we supported. SCHOOL FEES: Children who have experienced trauma or lost parents in the ongoing armed conflict … More Gifts with Vision