The Giving Board

Time, Talent & Treasure 

The Sunday School, BLAST Youth Program, and a Confirmation Group are about to begin. How wonderful it is we have this abundance of youth activity.

The Sunday School will begin their Incredible Journey on Sunday. Read about the theme for the year in this post.  You’ll find a request for used neckties on the Giving Board. They need them for a craft. You can sign up to help make a special snack. You can bring in a couple of full size chocolate bars (not halloween size) or bags of chips which will be used for prizes. Or you can bring halloween bars to help with treats for the Halloween Party on October 26th. We’re all invited!

BLAST is the Youth Group. They will be meeting for lunch one Sunday a month. If you are able, you might want to take a post-it note that asks for a Sobeys or Superstore gift card to help with food. Any amount is appreciated or you can give cash and we’ll get cards.

(Did you know that buying grocery gift cards at Trinity helps bring several thousand dollars in revenue each year? Talk to Mike Clark or Cliff Bostick or Becky Mellish for more information.) 

A gift card, or gift of money will help the Confirmation group too. with their snacks and when they host youth visiting from Sackville United Church. We are planning a Gratitude Gallery and need black scrapbooking paper (you can get it at the Dollar Store) so we can mount photos or crackers or a bottle of juice. A Staples gift card will help with photo printing. Or maybe you can make cookies. All on post-it notes.

Thank you … we are grateful for your time, talent and treasure.

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