Gifts with Vision

On the first Sunday in Advent, the Sunday we remember Hope, we received a paper bag to collect our “extra” Advent offering. We put our money together for Gifts for Vision.

We raised $337.40.

Here are the projects we supported.


SCHOOL FEES: Children who have experienced trauma or lost parents in the ongoing armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo find a home and an education at Église du Christ au Congo’s school in Goma. Six teachers devote themselves to educating 150 children in the country’s national curriculum. Twenty-six students have now qualified for secondary school. Share your hope!

Our gift of $110 covers one term of secondary tuition for a child who might not otherwise be able to attend.

GRAPHIC NOVELS:  “Nitsi ksi’inoitsiip kii taani stai sook spoomookhpii (Thanks so much for your amazing support)!” says artist Jason Eaglespeaker, who has created UNeducation, a graphic novel that addresses the ongoing generational impacts of residential schools. Ensure this helpful educational tool can be widely accessed by supporting its distribution through partner EagleSpeaker Connection Society.

Our gift of TEN $10 provides a softcover copy of UNeducation: A Residential School Graphic Novel to students and educators.

OPEN DISCUSSION WITH MUSLIM & CHRISTIAN YOUTH:  Listening and peace walk hand in hand. In Lebanon, the Middle East Council of Churches wants to equip 27 Muslim and Christian youth and young adults aged 15–22 from diverse backgrounds to lead discussion sessions. Support youth in exploring strategies for communicating, accepting others, and reducing stereotypes.

Our gift of $100 supports the participation of FOUR young people in a life-changing dialogue.

WELLNESS ROOM: A room of one’s own matters. The Coverdale Centre for Women offers an emergency shelter and drop-in support services for women. With your support, women facing crises and daily challenges can restore and relax through exercise, yoga, meditation, and other activities in a new on-site wellness room.

Our gift of $20 provides equipment and resources to boost wellness for women.

YOUTH WELLNESS:  Food with Friends provides after-school nutrition and fellowship for youth in rural areas south of Ottawa, which also helps their parents as there is not a lot of food at home. The House of Lazarus program feeds 85 youth a week but aims to serve 65 more. Share your care.

Our gift of $12.50 provides five youth with nutritious meals.

Wow! We brought a lot of HOPE to many projects in Canada and the wider world through sharing our Advent offering.

See more about Gifts with Vision here. Gifts with Vision.  You can continue to support the work of United Church partners across Canada and around the world.

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