Discussion: The Shack

Some read the book.
Some saw the movie.
Some did both.

IMG_1253We had a great group gather to discuss “The Shack.” And the conversation was definitely enhanced with a pot of tea and blueberry muffins! Thanks Diane and Linda.

Here are the questions we used to evoke conversation:

Discussion Questions for The Shack:

  1. Which part of the book spoke to you the most and why?
  1. What part of the book created the most questions for you?
  2. How did reading this book affect your faith? Does it change, challenge, strengthen your image of God?
  1. How is Young’s description of God different from your concept of God? What parts of his description did you like and what parts didn’t you like?
  1. What were your thoughts about Mack’s reconciliation with his father? In what ways to our relationships with our parents define us? Color our relationship with God? With others?
  1. What part of the book/movie spoke to you the most, and why?
  1. What do you think about how Papa, Jesus, and Sarayu relate to one another?
  1. Why did God let Missy die? Do you think The Shack answers convincingly the central question of theodicy, the existence of evil—or why, if there is a God, bad things happen to good people?
  1. What does The Shack say about forgiveness—toward the self or toward those who have wronged you.
  2. What do you think the author was trying to say about organized religion? Do you agree? Do you think you could reach that level of relationship with God within a church?
  1. Does the book’s ultimate message satisfy you? Is it possible to let go of control and certainty in life? Is it possible to live only in the present?

(Compiled from various sources.)

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