Holy Week & Easter Services

Here are our Holy Week and Easter Services.

Palm Sunday, April 9 at 11am:
To Love We are Called

DSC_3498 2.JPGWe begin with a Palm Processional with the children and youth (and maybe the six readers involved in the Story.) Then, we re-visit significant moments in the life of Jesus and hold them in our hearts until we are seeing through the eyes of Love. It is a gentle service of remembering and preparing. Sandra will sing a solo and the choir will sing, “Love Was When.”

Maundy Thursday, April 13th at 5:30pm:IMG_2028

We gather around a long table in the Fellowship Room. We share a simple supper of fish chowder or corn chowder. Then we hear the story of Jesus and the disciples in the Upper Room and share grape juice and pita bread. We remember Love.

Good Friday, April 14th at 10am:
“Don’t be afraid. My love is stronger,
my love is stronger than your fear.

Don’t be afraid. My love is stronger
and I have promised to be always near.”

We share in the story of Jesus death. It is a sombre service yet vibrating with the Love that is stronger than fear. The congregation of St. Paul’s United Church join us for this liturgy. We leave in silence.

IMG_0910Easter Sunday, April 16th at 11am.
Christ is Risen! Christ is risen indeed! These are the traditional words of greeting. We will en-joy the joy of this day.  Trinity kids will sing (and then celebrate downstairs). The choir will sing. We will celebrate the joyous feast of bread and wine. And more!




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