Presbytery Highlights

On Sept. 21st representatives from the congregations of Chignecto Presbytery met at the Conference Office to continue the work of the church that never seems to take a summer holiday!  Recent changes were noted: Rev Stephen Brown was welcomed to ministry for Petitcodiac Pastoral Charge and his covenanting service will be held on Oct. 16th at 4 PM at St. James United Church; the service for Conclusion of the Covenant for Rev. Dr. Wayne Smith will be held on Nov. 06 at 6 PM at Harrisville Protestant Church; and, on Nov. 06 at 6 PM, a service for changes to many pieces of ministry will be held at the River Hebert-Joggins United Church in River Hebert, NS.  All members of the Presbytery are encouraged to support these members with their presence at these services.

The afternoon session began with the celebration of our presbytery as an Affirming Ministry in line with the principles of Affirm United which supports the celebration of diversity among us and the acceptance of the many ways in which love is expressed between and among us.  Education has been on-going for presbyters for the last two years and it was joyful to have certificates presented on behalf of both the Conference and the United Church of Canada by the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson.

Following the celebration, business centered on the voting of remits specific to the presbyteries.  There will be other remits to be voted on by congregations in the months ahead.  This process is very important to the future of the national church as those units who choose not to vote are automatically registered as “no” votes.  It is best to have our true opinions registered during this time of transition.  Work continues apace as pastoral relations and church property matters change.  Your presbytery representatives are engaged in management matters that keep the wider church running smoothly in sometimes turbulent waters and we thank you for your continued support and interest.  

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