Winter Weather Notice

It’s that time of the year again. Snow-time!

Here is how you can find out if there is a Worship Service on a wintery Sunday:

1.  Call the church office and listen for a message. If the worship service is cancelled, there       will be a message indicating this. Phone 386 3277.
2.  Check the website. We’ll post a notice if the worship service/event is cancelled.
Click   here for the website.  Look for the “Get Updates by Email” section of the left sidebar and enter your email. This way you won’t even have to look; you’ll get an email.
3.  Check our Facebook page. We’ll keep you updated. Click here for Facebook.

Wednesday Office Time/Visiting. If the weather is questionable, it would be wise to phone the office (386 3277)  or Rev. Janice’s cell number (364 7335) to see if she is there.

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