When Christmas Doesn’t Seem Like Christmas …

“Christmas won’t seem like Christmas at all.”

The reasons vary:

Children have grown older and the magic of opening presents just is not what it used to be; young adults have left home and won’t be here this Christmas;

Unemployment, underemployment, or retirement have put a dent in normal celebrations.

A marriage is on the rocks; health concerns or anxiety and depression have changed and challenged our lives.

A parent or sibling , a beloved spouse or child has died and Christmas is dominated more by absence than presence. We worry about those who are ill and in treatment.

Lurking in the background of our personal lives are worrying world events and troubling news stories. The peace and warmth and joy of Christmas seem to get briefer with each passing year.

These are the things that makes Christmas time hard. And make us murmur “Christmas won’t seem like Christmas at all.”

In the midst of the usual holiday celebrations comes the Longest Night worship. It is a chance to come to a quiet service where lighting a candle is a prayer. We listen to readings that comfort us, and to music that soothes us. We remember this: God loves us enough to be with us no matter where we find ourselves in life. This is a Christmas promise.

Our Longest Night service is Wednesday, December 21 at 7pm with Rev. Janice and Emily. Hot chocolate and cookies after the service.

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