Notes from the Congregational Meeting on Dec. 4, 2016

Summary of Actions at the Congregational Meeting
December 4, 2016

The congregational meeting was called to receive the Report of the Joint Needs Assessment Committee (JNAC). This committee, worked over many months, to review the needs and ministry desires of the congregation. The Report was accepted and the Joint Needs Assessment Committee was disbanded, with thanks. 

Here are the main points moving forward: 

A pastoral charge vacancy will be declared effective July 1, 2017 at the end of Rev Janice’s appointment and a minister will be sought for a half time position. 

As part of their work the JNA Committee had conversations with the Salisbury Pastoral Charge. Their Official Board had sent a letter asking if there was interest in a shared cooperative ministry. The committee felt this was an opportunity to work together to hire a full time minister who would work with both Pastoral charges. 

There are several advantages. 

  1. It is easier to attract a suitable full time minister at a time many congregations are seeking part time. 
  2. A cooperative ministry (as opposed to two part time positions) “frees” up hours making more focussed time available to each Pastoral Charge. For example, the minister would lead the same worship service in both places. The Presbytery suggests it takes 12 hours (out of 20 hours) for bulletin preparation, worship preparation, and leading worship. With one minister shared between the two places, this saves time for other ministry needs within the half time allocation. Another example is hospital visitation where one full time would visit for both Pastoral charges at one time. 
  3. There are also cost savings. Although each pastoral charge will pay 50%, there are savings in hospital parking, travel, and other potential savings if the congregations cooperate over time on shared resources. 
  4. Initial conversation with the Salisbury Pastoral Charge indicated the present worship times would work for both Salisbury and Trinity church.  

The congregational meeting voted to continue conversations with the Salisbury Pastoral Charge who also declared a vacancy for July 1. 

The Presbytery Pastoral Relations Chair indicated if Salisbury voted in the same way there was an ordained minister available to serve a one year appointment to work out the details before a permanent call. 

No Search Committee was established but three people (Margaret, Scott and Sue) volunteered to serve on a small group who would work with a similar group from Salisbury to continue having conversations and work out details for a cooperative ministry and one year appointment. There will be opportunity at our Annual Meeting to add to this group and for further conversation. 

There are some cooperative ministries in the Maritime Conference. 

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