Prayer Space – Feb. 25, 2019

Prayer Space – February 25, 2019

In our monthly prayer space on the last Monday of each month, those who are able come together in the fellowship room to pray. We pray for the world through the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle of the World Council of Churches.
We also pray for our new region and for one of the communities of faith within the Region. [The Fundy-St. Lawrence Dawning Waters includes:All pastoral charges in the province of New Brunswick; All pastoral charges in the province of Prince Edward Island; and several communities of faith on the Gaspe coast.]
We prayer for the families on Trinity’s list.
And we light candles for the people, places and situations we carry in our hearts.
Due to the weather, we are not physically meeting today but we gather through our website and facebook. Please join your heart in our prayers.
Here are prayers for the Week of February 24 – March 2.

With the World Council of Churches we pray for the countries of Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands.
Lord, we pray for the world,
for the world in which we live.
We pray that the world will not collapse
under the weight of violence and hate
and that our eyes will remain open
to beauty and goodness,
so that we may also pray:
Lord, we thank you for this world,
the world in which we live.
Amen. (Dutch prayer book) 
Within our new region, Fundy-St. Lawrence Dawning Waters, we pray for each other and our mission in the world.
We pray for our Executive Minister, the Rev Faith March-MacCuish. 
This week we pray especially for the Centerville community of faith in NB.
We pray for these families on our list:
Because we are meeting on social media today, rather than naming names, each one is invited to let the names of Trinity friends rise in us and be held in prayer….
We especially name those in hospital. We prayer for the Pastoral Care team who are newly organizing. We pray for those in leadership, who yesterday at our annual meeting, re-offered and offered anew their time to serve on various leadership roles. We prayer for our children and youth and their leaders. 
And now we make our own prayers. Hear the prayers praying in our hearts for those we love, for other people, places and situations known to us. ..
The blessing of God, who is Maker, Lover and Friend be with us.

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