Annual Meeting Highlights

In the name of Jesus Christ,
the Sovereign head of the church,
and by the authority of the polity
of The United Church of Canada,
We declare this Annual Congregational Meeting
open for celebration, prayer and new understanding! AMEN

It is a formal opening and yet it places in context the larger picture in which we gather. We are a community of faith of The United Church of Canada. We are supported by its guidance. This isn’t just about us. In fact, our authority is Jesus Christ.

The meeting was held in prayer as our Communion Cup was passed from hand to hand. While it was held, the person prayed for the meeting and whatever was on the agenda at that moment.

The formal minutes will be available soon. Here are four highlights.

Here is the elected leadership of Trinity United Church. Of course, we know that many people serve in many different ways.

Trinity Council Members
Jane Dunnett – Chair
Will Campbell – Vice chair /Youth Rep
Sheri Smearer – Secretary
Becky Mellish – Treasurer
Cathy McGinn
Linda Sweezey
Adrienne MacKay
Jan Nickerson
Kaleigh Bourgeois  – Youth Rep
Diane Wood – M&P Committee Chair
Rick Nickerson- Trustee Chair or Designate

Trinity Representatives on the Love & Learn Daycare Board
Linda Campbell, Linda Sweezy, Linda Rowan

Rick Nickerson, Ian Keddy, Heather MacLeod, Michael Clark
Acting chair: Rev. Janice MacLean, until such time a chair is elected.

Albert County Food Bank
Sheila Thibodeau  and Bev. Baxter

Fundy-St Laurence Dawning Waters Regional Rep:  Doris Henry

Ministry & Personnel Committee:
Chair: Diane Wood, Tony Taylor, Mary Biden Bourgeois

Considered and passed a proposal to have a summer sabbath and close the church while the minister is on vacation. You can read the proposal here. Trinity Summer Sabbath

Considered and passed a motion to create a job description for a building manager and hire someone for 8 hours a month on a retainer of $200. Cliff will serve as Interim, beginning March 1. You can read the proposal here: Care of the Church Property

Becky, presented the financials for 2018 with a surplus of $6,755.36
and a bank balance $29,302.80
Budget for 2019 reflects a deficit of $18,486.76
Currently Daycare rent is $2,300.00 per month.

Those are the highlights. We celebrate 2018 and live into 2019 with anticipation, new challenges, and in a spirit of prayer.

– Rev. Janice MacLean

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