New Business from the Annual Meeting

By Rev. Janice MacLean

The chair of Council, Jane Dunnett, will offer highlights from the whole of the Annual Meeting during worship on March 1.

This post highlights actions taken on three Proposals and reports on the Building Options. It includes personal reflection as your minister on the meeting.

Proposal 1: To Form an Executive within the Council
This proposal passed and formed an Executive who, together, can have conversation and make, if necessary, time sensitive but non-urgent decisions between Council meetings. As minister, I am grateful for this flexibility as it lessens the burden on the chair and myself and offers a wider perspective.

Proposal 2: New Storm Policy
The congregation passed a motion to have worship services on Saturday at 2:30pm when weather forecasts indicate that Sunday worship will likely be cancelled. Watch for notices by 10am on Saturday mornings on the website, Facebook page and the Office answering machine.

Proposal 3: Date for Fall Fair and Coordinating Committee
Mark your calendar for  September 12. Volunteers stepped up quickly to form a committee.

Building Options
The meeting voted to accept a recommendation that an Option be enabled by a vote of 60% of those present. This was my suggestion and arises from experience working with congregations in changing times.  A potential split of 49-51% does not give sufficient mandate or energy to enable significant decisions and often results in conflict and unhappiness.

We also voted by secret ballot. There were votes for all THREE options on the first ballot, but the lowest number on Option C: Take no action on the building. This option was then removed from the second ballot.

The second ballot was one vote short of making 60%. There were 15 votes for Option A: Accessibility Improvements (lift) and 21 votes for Option B: Maintenance and Securing Our Finances. 

This means that we have not chosen a clear direction. It was the will of the meeting to form a Fundraising committee. The names of several volunteers were received and there is opportunity for others who are interested to sign up this coming Sunday.

I admit to initial disappointment that, after a very full year of work, we don’t have a clear direction. I am also full of gratitude that that a strong majority committed to forging a path ahead. I am mindful that some folk discerned neither Option A or B was their choice and we need to take care in our conversations and assumptions.

We also need to be clear that we have not made any decision, except to begin fundraising and see where it goes. We will return to all the options at a future congregational meeting.

In the immediate future, our building work is guided by the budget we passed.

If you have questions or concerns, please ask them.

This is the place we have found ourselves and we need now to open our hearts to where the Spirit leads next. As minister of all of you, I invite all to actively support the fundraising committee and fall bazaar committee in their work, participating as we are able.

We had a good ministry day yesterday. Amen to that!

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