To Be the Church in a New Way

Worship services at Trinity United Church are suspended for at least two weeks.

While we are physically isolated, we are putting in place a variety of ways to spiritually connect during our time apart.

Here is what is presently in place:

  • I (Rev Janice) am available for phone calls and email conversations. I am no longer allowed to visit the hospitals but we have a United Church chaplain visiting both hospitals every morning. If you or your family find yourself in hospital, please let me know and I can connect you with our chaplain,
  • I have our Christ candle in my home study and sit for prayer every morning. Please pass along names by email or phone call. This prayer candle is for you.
  • The Trinity Cares Phone Tree is in place and callers will be phoning to check in and pass along information. We want to make sure no one feels alone.
  • I am offering morning worship on Facebook Live Sunday mornings at 11am. The link to the worship will be on this website by lunch.
  • You will still receive The Friday Email and I’ve added The Tuesday Email now and it will offer news about one another and suggestions for spiritual practices and fun things to do while at home. Feel free to send me ideas you are discovering.
  • I’m experimenting with Zoom, which is a video conferencing platform where we can have virtual meetings. Soon I hope to meet with our youth.

Some will receive information from all sources. Some have access to one or two sources, Information will be similar but different across all means, but the aim is to create a net of communication so that everyone is connected in some way to Trinity.

You can help. Engage online and share posts. This helps keep the newest information in circulation. It is good for us in these days to pick up the phone and call someone. If you know your neighbour isn’t on Facebook or accessing the website, give a call and tell them about something you saw that you liked.

Below is a “practice” Facebook Live with a morning prayer. I’m delighted to have figured out how to link it here for those who are not on facebook.

With all these experiments, your feedback is important. Let me know how things are working for you.

Courage, friends, we are not alone.

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