Next All Ages Book Club

Books are a great teacher and there has been a generous sharing of suggestions over the last week for learning more about Anti Racism.

I’ve put together an ALL AGES list from many suggestions. I haven’t read most but I plan to add some to my summer reading. Perhaps you will find a book, article, podcast or movie that calls to you.

We’ll host another All Ages Book Club in the fall, likely online, to share what we learned and struggled with.

Anti Racist Reading List

And here is another version if that didn’t work for you: Anti Racist Reading List

Or you can email me here and I’ll send it to you!

– Rev. Janice

One thought on “Next All Ages Book Club

  1. STAMPED FROM THE BEGINNING by Ibram X Kendi The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America I just started reading this for our journey. The author is a historian and this book is well written. I’ll keep you posted. Do send me your list. Thank you. Frank M


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