Seniors and Child Care Centre Love and Learn Together Project

Seniors and Child Care Centre Love and Learn Together Project BACKGROUND We know loneliness and social isolation as an epidemic in our culture. Children often live far from their grandparents. We are aware of limited opportunities for all ages to interact. At the same time, there is also a growing trend to be intentional about … More Seniors and Child Care Centre Love and Learn Together Project

Gifts with Vision

On the first Sunday in Advent, the Sunday we remember Hope, we received a paper bag to collect our “extra” Advent offering. We put our money together for Gifts for Vision. We raised $337.40. Here are the projects we supported. SCHOOL FEES: Children who have experienced trauma or lost parents in the ongoing armed conflict … More Gifts with Vision

Presbytery Highlights

On Sept. 21st representatives from the congregations of Chignecto Presbytery met at the Conference Office to continue the work of the church that never seems to take a summer holiday!  Recent changes were noted: Rev Stephen Brown was welcomed to ministry for Petitcodiac Pastoral Charge and his covenanting service will be held on Oct. 16th … More Presbytery Highlights

Thank you, Organist Janice

On Sunday, Ministry & Personnel Chair, Mary Catherine Dunnett thanked Janice for her time as organist and music director. And we enjoyed cake and ice cream. Janice is taking a break this year from playing. But she will be singing a solo on Sunday! Thank you, Janice.